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In this episode of The Mindful Midlife Crisis podcast, Billy and Brian engage in a lively and insightful conversation with Tom Cody, a renowned speaker and author in the field of positive mindset and emotional intelligence. Tom, a Top 20 Strategy guru, shares his wisdom and unique perspective on burnout, mindset, and the power of embracing positivity and mindfulness in midlife.

Tom begins by challenging the notion of burnout, asserting that it’s not tied to age but rather to one’s surroundings and mindset. He dispels the myth that burnout is a result of reaching a specific age, revealing that he experienced burnout as early as 26. Tom emphasizes that negativity and toxic environments are the true culprits of burnout. Drawing from personal experience, he stresses the importance of surrounding oneself with positive individuals, highlighting the impact of associating with like-minded, optimistic people.

Billy, Brian, and Tom engage in a humorous exchange about the effects of negativity and how maintaining a positive mindset can transform one’s outlook. Tom recounts his transition from spending time with a negative group in his 30s and 40s to aligning himself with positive individuals like Paul Bernabei. He shares how Paul’s curiosity-driven approach to life has been transformative, encouraging listeners to adopt a similar perspective in their own lives.

Tom introduces the concept of “keeping your day” as a defense against negativity. He encourages listeners not to let negative incidents or people steal their joy and offers a practical approach to maintaining a positive outlook. By focusing on taking control of their day and reframing their reactions, individuals can preserve their emotional well-being.

The conversation takes a lighthearted turn as Billy, Brian, and Tom discuss age, humorously bantering about their ages and the importance of maintaining a positive attitude regardless of age. Tom’s message resonates with listeners, reinforcing the idea that positivity and mindfulness have no age limit.

Billy and Brian shift the discussion towards Tom’s work and offerings. They highlight Tom’s books, particularly Rebalanced Thinking, Rebalanced Living, designed to appeal to a broader audience beyond the education sector. Tom discusses his passion for sharing his message with diverse audiences and his commitment to passing on the gift of positivity and mindfulness.

Tom also introduces the buttons with positive messages made by students from a high school, emphasizing the impact of simple reminders on one’s mindset. He expresses the importance of persistence, self-discipline, and emotional strength, which are crucial for success and happiness in today’s rapidly changing world.

Tom concludes the podcast with a call to action, encouraging listeners to adopt mindfulness, positivity, and emotional intelligence. He underscores that true change comes from internalizing insights, rather than just gaining external knowledge. Tom’s candid and relatable perspective on personal growth and positivity leaves listeners inspired to embark on their own journey of mindful living.

Tom Cody’s unique blend of humor, personal anecdotes, and practical advice creates a compelling narrative that encourages listeners to shift their mindset and focus on fostering a positive and resilient approach to life. To learn more and access Tom’s resources, visit his website at

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