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In this episode of the Mindful Midlife Crisis podcast, the hosts, Billy and Iggy Lee, engage in a lively conversation about Iggy’s life roles, his vision for Seoul Share, and his journey from a corporate job in Korea to starting his own training center in Shanghai. This blog post will summarize the key points of their conversation and highlight Iggy’s resilience and his commitment to creating positive experiences for people in Seoul.

Iggy’s Diverse Life Roles:

Iggy Lee, the visionary behind Seoul Share, plays a multitude of roles in his life. He’s a dedicated son, a content creator on YouTube, an event organizer for expats and locals, and an aspiring entrepreneur. His passion for exploring Seoul and connecting with people from around the world led him to create various events, including hiking, picnics, and language exchanges, all aimed at providing unforgettable experiences for participants.

The Birth of Seoul Share:

Seoul Share, formerly known as Seoulwalkers, emerged as Iggy’s response to the challenge of building connections and fostering friendships amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He realized the value of outdoor activities like hiking along the Han River and Bongsan Mountain. These activities not only offered great exercise but also an opportunity for people to meet and socialize. Iggy’s vision was to transform his volunteer-based event groups into a sustainable organization that would continue to bring people together in Seoul.

The Journey from Corporate Life to Entrepreneurship:

Iggy’s journey to entrepreneurship wasn’t straightforward. After working for a Korean corporate company for over five years, he decided to step away, craving something more meaningful. His adventure began when he moved to Shanghai to learn Chinese. Fate intervened when he started teaching at a training center and later established his own. However, as he began setting ambitious goals for 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped his path. This setback didn’t deter Iggy, as he found new purpose in creating social opportunities in Seoul.

The Puzzle of Life:

In the podcast, Iggy Lee uses the metaphor of a jigsaw puzzle to describe how he shapes his vision. He emphasizes that a vision gradually takes form through accumulating pieces, each representing different experiences and ideas. It’s a patient process of fitting these pieces together. For Iggy, Seoul Share and its events represent the completed puzzle, a result of his diverse life roles, travel experiences, and resilience in the face of challenges. His mission is to provide opportunities for others to explore Seoul and find their own puzzle pieces.

Iggy Lee’s story, as shared in the Mindful Midlife Crisis podcast, reflects a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and a commitment to fostering meaningful connections. Seoul Share, his brainchild, stands as a testament to his vision and passion for creating memorable experiences in Seoul. Through hiking, picnics, language exchanges, and more, Iggy continues to inspire and bring people from diverse backgrounds together in the vibrant heart of South Korea’s capital.

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